As North Dayton residents look for a new luxury sedan this Spring, the BMW 330i xDrive is almost certainly on their shortlist. BMW's legendary 300-series vehicles provide a level of performance, comfort, and style that has yet to be matched in the company's long history. We think the 330i xDrive is the best out of the 300-series for North Dayton residents. Read our BMW 330i xDrive overview below to find out why.


The BMW 330i xDrive is a favorite among North Dayton owners not just because of its blend of performance and luxury, but also its utility. BMW's xDrive system brings the confidence of AWD to the sporty 330i, which our Dayton customers say is perfect for the winter months. It used to be that owners' sporty vehicles were restricted to summer weather, but the BMW 330i xDrive handles slippery conditions with aplomb.



BMW and performance have been nearly synonymous for quite some time, and it's no different with the 330i. The 330i xDrive comes standard with a 2.0l turbo engine that puts out 248 horsepower. That engine is paired with either an 8-speed automatic or 6-speed automatic. The automatic transmission provides great response, and shifts exactly when it should. BMW have done a great job pairing the engine and transmission to give North Dayton owners peak performance.

This year's 330i xDrive also has a slightly softer suspension, giving it a more luxurious ride quality. But don't think that means a sacrifice in sportiness. North Dayton owners will be rewarded with a sporty, responsive ride that is equally as comfortable on uneven city pavement as it is on the open road.



Continuing our BMW 330i xDrive overview, we'll give North Dayton shoppers a look at the sporty sedan's interior and features. Examining the interior materials and construction, it's clear that BMW remains committed to providing North Dayton owners with excellent value and the finest of driving experiences. The 330i xDrive comes standard with rearview camera, upgraded power sport seats, and 40/20/40 folding rear seats. It might seem like a small detail, but the folding rear seats are implemented very well and provide North Dayton residents with greater utility than most compact luxury sedans. As usual with BMW, the 330i xDrive uses premium materials for its interior and exhibits true luxury craftsmanship.


North Dayton residents looking for a luxury sport sedan should absolutely try out the BMW 330i xDrive. Few vehicles can match the BMW's legendary driving performance, and the 330i also brings more utility to the table than the average sport sedan. The BMW 300-series vehicles have long been the defining vehicles of their class, and the 330i xDrive manages to take it to the next level. We highly recommend anyone considering a luxury sport sedan to give the 330i xDrive a test drive. Get in touch, and we'll be happy to get you out on the road.