If it's your first time shopping for a BMW near Troy, OH, seeing all the series names and model numbers might get a bit confusing at first glance. What's the difference between the 330i and M340i? Are they both 3 Series? What is sDrive? xDrive? These are all very common questions that we get at BMW of Dayton, so we've decided to do a brief breakdown of the different sedan series and some of their primary features.

Below, you'll find an explanation of the different BMW Series, as well as links to our inventory and other pages on our site. If you have further questions, or want to test drive a BMW sedan, you can call the dealership or contact us directly through our website. We love answering questions, and getting drivers out on the road in the latest BMW vehicles. Now, let's look at what those different BMW Series and model names mean.


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BMW 3 Series - Iconic Compact Sport Sedan

The BMW 3 Series is known for essentially inventing the luxury sport sedan class. Of all the BMW sedan Series, the 3 Series is the most compact. This lends itself to a sporty driving experience and excellent cornering. It also displays a level of engineering, style, and luxury that few small sedans can match. For an executive or commuter who wants something a cut above the typical compact sedan, the BMW 3 Series is considered a perennial top choice.

The BMW 3 Series is divided into several different sedan models. The most popular is the 330i. Typically, the first number in the model will be the series, and the second number will increase with engine power. So the BMW 330i will come with a 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while the M340i comes with a 3.0l six-cylinder. BMW 3 Series sedans can be had as a 'base' model, with a wide range of options packages available. Troy shoppers will also see sDrive and xDrive versions of most of BMW's lineup. sDrive refers to BMW's classic RWD configuration, while xDrive is BMW's own AWD system.

While sDrive and xDrive variants will normally have the same equipment, moving up to a new engine will bring additional standard features.

BMW 5 Series - True Executive Luxury

The BMW 5 Series is the next step up in sizer and luxury among BMW sedans, and is considered an executive car. A luxury midsize sedan, the BMW 5 Series offers more passenger space, as well as more standard luxury features. Offering an impressive combination of comfort and performance, discerning Dayton executives will choose the BMW 5 Series. And because of its larger interior and trunk space compared to the 3 Series, the 5 Series is a more capable family sedan.

Like the BMW 3 Series, the 5 Series follows a similar naming convention.

BMW 7 Series - Incomparable Full-Size Luxury

The BMW 7 Series is often considered to be the ultimate symbol of status when it comes to sedans. With its expansive interior, supreme comfort, and long list of features, the BMW 7 Series truly stands alone. For celebrities, CEOs, and those with truly luxurious tastes, the BMW 7 Series sedan is a perfect family vehicle, limousine, or company car. While it is much less common to see a BMW 7 Series on the road than its smaller siblings, it has a special place in automotive circles due to its truly superior luxury, comfort, and size.

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We hope this short breakdown of BMW's sedan Series names has been helpful, and that individual model names make a bit more sense. Though there are more variations, these general guidelines should help Troy, OH shoppers understand the exact model they're looking at. But if you really want a feel for BMW's different sedans, the best way to do it is to test drive them for yourself.

BMW of Dayton is proud to serve Dayton, Troy, and the surrounding Miami Valley with true European luxury, and we are here to answer any of your questions. Our friendly, experienced staff will help break down the different features of each BMW model, and get you on a test drive of your perfect BMW sedan. Located in Dayton, OH, you can view our inventory of BMW sedans above.

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